Monthly Archives: January 2012

Let’s get started!


Hey there! I’m Ashlyn. 🙂 I first started looking at blogs because of my ridiculous love for sweets, to drool over incredible food, and to look at recipes to make and bake.

I promise you I ate that entire thing by myself.

Then I got introduced to healthy living blogs, and I’ve been in love with the blogging world ever since! I loved getting healthy ideas for workouts and meals (especially living on my own in college these days). It honestly taught me how to truly be healthy with so many distorted views out there. With my incessant love for reading so many healthy living blogs and seeing the fun connections people make through the blogging world, I couldn’t resist any longer. Driven by my love for running, baking, healthy living, and life itself, I had to join in on the fun! So here I am, and we’ll see where it goes. 🙂